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Reviews of Spiritual Author Jim Young

“Jim Young puts into words what I feel to be True in my heart.”

“As a fan of Jim Young’s writing, I can say I’ve enjoyed all of his books and always share them with other students of Life. But this surpasses all the rest! Inside Silence is the epitome of his clear thought!”

​“I love Jim Young’s writing, and his book, With Eyes to See, is an especially inspiring gem. Listening to the truth-tuned musings of his mind is like walking through the rarefied air of a pine forest high in the mountains, guided not by a person but by the gentle voice of God within. To read this book is both invigorating and enlightening; it's an invitation to yourself from your Self to full awakening.”

“I have all of Jim Young’s books and love them all. If I could only have one, it would probably be a poetry book, and this beautiful tome, Imaginings, is my current favorite! Jim’s writing flows out of him and makes music on the page. His words are unpretentious, simply beautiful, and profound. A book not to missed, a book shared with someone special would be the best act of love and friendship I can think of.”

“Jim Young will take you to a place of self awareness. You truly will change the way you think about life, as Sip and Savor gives you permission to live true to your own innate nature. Enjoy... Sip and Savor, ah yes! This is the book you want to leave on the night stand in your guest room after you’ve finished savoring it for yourself.”

“This book took my breath away. The Invitation is a powerful and creative story that explicates the wisdom of the ancients: the wisdom that transforms lives. Contained within this beautiful story is the gentle power of creative love. This book will surprise you; it will cause you to reflect on life's values and potential. It will take you beyond life on earth into the realm of the eternal where you will discover...your Self.”

“I just read The Three Questions and I love what I read. I couldn't stop reading, until I finished it in one sitting. Jim has such a wonderful way of writing and explaining the beauty of this spiritual path we travel, in such a beautiful way. This book will help you remember the true essence of who you are, and he offers a powerful tool for you to remain in contact with that essence. Reading Jim's soothing words helped me feel more peace and enabled me to remember that it's not "out there" and to be more aware of my inner voice. I highly recommend this wonderful book.”

“God’s Pocket Dictionary is a treasure trove of enlightened thinking about the meaning of concepts and words, favoring sensitivity that resonates on the soul level. I use it to meditate on simple meaning discerned only within, to stimulate conversations with friends, and simply to lighten my day. An extraordinary means to comprehend spiritual meaning deeper than the norm.”

 “Wow! Priceless Pearls indeed! For those looking to answer the big questions in life this book is a must read. The pearls are validating for what we already know and so much more. The veil of spiritual blindness vanishes as one meditates on the concepts presented. Priceless Pearls is the gem for anyone struggling with religious teachings, for anyone wishing to self-actualize, for anyone and everyone period.”

“Jim Young's book, The Creation Spirit, is a powerful read, and for those who have an interest (or a need) for spiritual guidance it is a "must read." A amazing book that will change your life.”

“In A Labor of Love, Dr. Young shows us ways of letting the past leave our thought, while filling ourselves with the Reality of Being. Every day can be a virgin birth experience when viewed through his eyes.”

“Jim’s way of writing is great, since it does not give you the answer but makes you think and come up with the right answer you need. His ability that has been given to him by Spirit will show you how and why the Mind Matters. If you are a Bible person the quote, "As a man thinks, so is he!" Should give you an idea how important the Mind is.”

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