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About The Inward Way Live Podcast by Jim Young
The Inward Way Live Podcast by Jim Young



The mission of this website is to place before those of you who are interested in spiritual fulfillment, insights and perspectives that can help re-frame Life so that you can set your view apart from the limitations accepted and imposed by the norm of everyday living. The central thread that runs through all of the offerings on this site is that we bring order to life spiritually by listening inward for deeper meaning that seeks our awareness, and then expressing such Wisdom without reserve.

Over time, various ways of enhancing this mission will evolve into Being.  The two primary sources igniting this website will be through making available the many spiritual books to have come through these same fingers that now type this message. 


Secondly, these will be extended into the Universe more widely through the initiation of The Inward Way Live!--a weekly Internet radio program featuring various elements from my writings, all of which come from regularly exercising The Inward Way to free the inward Voice that guides me through life.

The essential purpose is to guide others in the use of The Inward Way though these vehicles, as well as communicating as we navigate our way--together--through these times.  Here, then, is the story of The Inward Way.


Once aware of the messages of Truth discerned while engaging what I call The Inward Way, we complete our spiritual commitment by demonstrating the infinite guidance Wisdom provides, taking us to our highest good. In simple terms, then, The Inward Way is the approach to Life that focuses our undivided attention on the still, small voice within, so that sacred Source can provide spiritual order to our lives.


The Inward Way thus shifts our normal approach of blind adherence to outer authority and the ego conscious realm, as well as our dependence on belief, opinion, mass consciousness and external validation for our direction and identity. In this way, we can more readily move from a definition of life that is often governed by fear-filled minds to one more regularly validated by the outcomes of our fearless hearts.

Hence, the name of this website: The Inward Way. Live. For me, the inward Voice brings me regularly to my authentic identity, expressing what I am, Love, through all I say and do. All that's required is for me to listen--really listen--while Truth awaits my awareness. Ahh, the celebration of Love in each instance of commitment to an authentic Life. Indeed, LIFE IS LOVE to me, and is fully alive.


I look forward to being with you in such loving expression on a regular basis.

Jim Young

The Inward Way Live Podcast by Spiritual Author Jim Young
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