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About Spiritual Author Jim Young


Father to five extraordinary young adults, their two spouses and Papoú to seven marvelous grandchildren, Dr. James H. Young is an award-winning, published spiritual author and program presenter, and a widely collected documentary/fine art photographer. He has served with distinction as a teacher, distinguished professor of higher education, and in a variety of leadership positions, including President of State University of New York at Potsdam and Chancellor of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Jim is a graduate of the ecumenical School for Spiritual Directors at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery (NM), and served as the monastery’s first lay director of public relations and fund-raising, where he initiated an extensive religious arts program.

Spiritual Author Jim Young


Co-founder and facilitator of the Arkansas Metaphysical Society in Eureka Springs, AR, and The Aristotle Group in Hot Springs, AR,  he also served as interim, visiting Minister of the Creative Life Church (New Thought).


A featured contributing author to PlanetLightworker and The Reiki Times, spiritual monthly E-journals, Jim has also received awards for spiritual poetry and prose, as well as for photographic images appearing in juried exhibitions worldwide.


Young faithfully follows his inner calling by writing about and leading others from various religious and spiritual traditions to the deeper, life-changing meaning and purpose for them. Jim’s writings, presentations and teachings re-frame Life’s journey: from one of separation and the chaos separation engenders, across the spiritual threshold to Oneness, and the inner joy and peace that witness this perspective.


He is a gifted inspirational speaker who often uses Life’s stories to convey spiritual meaning, and inspires others to look within for the Truth that transcends the superficial.


I had been struggling for years, and I wanted to learn how to pray. From a thundering rainstorm Jim Young walked in and lit up the room with a smile and I knew I was in the right place. Jim radiates a wonderfully loving, peaceful energy that I’ve rarely felt, and has a warm, nonjudgmental demeanor that put me immediately at ease. In his warm, caring way, mixed with just a pinch of mischief, he explained the Listening Prayer method and helped me learn how to listen to the still, small voice within; that Divine inner voice that knows all the answers, if I would but be still and quiet enough to hear. What a revelation! I’m eagerly looking forward to more of Jim’s spiritual wisdom.

Margaret Bartley, Director, Seattle Metaphysical Library

What a breath of fresh air you were! Everyone so enjoyed your talk. I thought your approach was funny  and your message was wonderful. I have received nothing but good responses from the congregation. Many have told me they wish they could have come to the talk in the afternoon but just could not fit it in; the group that did attend has had nothing but wonderful things to say about it.

Jamie I. Miller, Secretary, Christway Unity Church, Hot Springs, AR

Dr. Jim Young engaged our diverse community in considering an essential question: how do we know and express our true Self, the indwelling God? With wisdom and humor he offers practical steps to living a spiritual life and challenges us "to listen while deeper meaning seeks our awareness." When Jim speaks of his awakening to Divine Presence, we are inspired to listen to the silence of our own hearts.

Dianna Balog, past President of the Board, Unity Chapel of Light, Tallmadge, OH

What a delight to hear Jim’s clear metaphysical voice! His enlightened energy provides an atmosphere in which one can embrace a deeper metaphysical truth; a knowing that can only bloom from deep within the heart. He has transcended book knowledge and is living his love.

Jim Young was the Interim Minister of Creative Life Church from November 2008 to 2010. On December 1, 2017, while we were speaking by phone,  I heard his voice simultaneously delivering a talk. Later the whole program of August 16, 2009 appeared–unnamed–in my iTunes.  The church had never been able to record his monthly services, nor had my computer ever been in church.  The theme of this message was what Jim so passionately teaches: to listen inwardly and to demonstrate outwardly the truth of our being.

You may feel a loving presence and an inner sense of your own being as you read any of Jim's books, all offered in Love. If you want to engage with Jim as a fellow and very human being, comment on his website.

Carol Albee, past President of Creative Life Church, Hot Springs, AR

Offering a new paradigm in my journey toward healing, Jim Young’s book On Making Love provided me tools for moment-to-moment transformational insight into living a healthy, rich life. When applied through the lens of thought, I began “seeing” how lovemaking affects even the most menial tasks of daily life, turning them into joyous celebration of being alive. I immediately experienced improvement not only in the physical realm of body but also the spiritual realm of a happy heart. I stand in gratitude for Jim Young’s powerful message.

Gloria Ireland, Founder, The Ohio Metaphysical Society

Since meeting Jim Young several years ago, I have had the opportunity to see him lead workshops, lecture to large audiences, conduct religious services, and interact with a variety of people in a range of social gatherings. In every setting, the depth of his understanding, insight, intellect, and wit are remarkable. He is funny and wonderfully playful. So if you’re down, around Jim you will soon be up.

Jenny Wagget, author


As compassionate as he is responsive, Jim connects with others on the deepest level. He is the “perfect” listener. Respectful, considerate and supportive of others’ points of view and personal paths, he is a giver of gifts: the gift of being “heard,” of being made to feel unique, appreciated, understood and loved.

If you’re looking for a way to understand both what is happening within you and in the world, spend whatever time you can with him. He puts it all in the light perspective.

Sharon Dahl, author and journalist, Oakland, CA


If you have the opportunity to hear Dr. Young in lecture, go! You will be challenged to re-think your thoughts. He is right-on in his non-dualistic approach to the Truth of our Oneness with Divine Consciousness and each Other.

Rev. John Vise, Metaphysical Minister and facilitator, A Course In Miracles, Hot Springs, AR


Jim Young’s writing is like having a conversation, a dialog so to speak, with my higher self. "What If...? Changing Your Life to Fit Your Truth" is like a handbook for journaling, filled with inspiration and questions to begin that conversation. I would have to say that Dr. Young’s poetry in "On Making Love" would be my favorite of all his writings. From his poetry I feel a sense of Knowing the Truth we hear from within once again, a conversation of sorts. I have also had the privilege of hearing Dr. Young speak at the Unitarian Universalist Church and facilitate at the Arkansas Metaphysical Society discussion group. Yet again, he inspires that same sense of conversation and dialog with my higher self. As Dr. Young tells us, life is not about learning about ourselves; it is about awareness of the self we already are.

Jodie English, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Director, The Crescent Hotel Properties, Eureka Springs, Arkansas


Dr. Young, I know you have heard this from folks many times...but for what its worth, here goes. Mother (Donna France) has owned the Golden Leaves Bookstore in Hot Springs for over 40 years now, had speakers from all over the world in the store when it was in New Orleans years ago...which by the way at that time was the 2nd largest metaphysical center in the country, 2nd only to the Bodhi Tree. Mother has had authors, doctors, psychic surgeons, clairvoyants (some world renown) television and radio personalities (metaphysical), captains of industry give lectures...the biggest names in the country, but she told me, in the most sincere voice...that you are one of, if not the "best," speakers she has "ever" had. I've been with mother for 23 years now in the store...and I can tell you "DUDE"...that is a compliment!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DONE GOOD...
Love and Light to you.

Byron (Donna’s son)


I adore Jim Young. He is the real deal. I believe him to be a true modern day mystic, connected with the totality of all of life, and able to communicate about that in an authentic, down to earth, and very light-hearted yet deep way. I think he is as of yet an undiscovered gem in the world of spiritual seekers and know that with very little help from others his message to the world will be received with joy. I look forward to great things.

Rev. Denise Schubert
The Chicago Center for Spiritual Living, Chicago, IL


Jim Young speaks to your heart. Whether attending one of his talks or reading one of his books, there is one thing I always feel: a shift in perception. Through metaphor, humor, life experience, and metaphysical principles, Dr. Young leads us to receive insights into ways to experience life as Life.

Marsha Havens
President of the Christian Science Society of Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Co-founder of The Arkansas Metaphysical Society, Eureka Springs


Dr. Young certainly has wonderful listening skills. His muse has absolutely made use of his talents, willingness, and love of life during this time/space continuum. His presentations facilitate the understanding that the world is a reflection of our mind. He is very provocative with a generous splash of meaningful humor, and a great friend to find on the path.

Ramona McNeal, facilitator, ACIM, and program co-chair, UU of Eureka Springs, AR

Jim is the Johnny Carson of the Metaphysical crowd. His teaching style is "light-hearted,” while imparting straight talk. Dr. Young teaches that when we learn to let go of the ego-intellect so that our Spirit is manifested, we live as the masters we were created to be.

Dr. Chuck McNeal, facilitator, ACIM, Eureka Springs, AR

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