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Welcome to The Inward Way Live Podcast by Jim Young

The Inward Way - 


Jim Young Spiritual Author

Hosting the weekly Internet radio program, The Inward Way--Live!, I will be exposing listeners to a myriad of messages inwardly become aware, which have inserted themselves into the thirty-one books to have come from me.

The weekly radio programs will reveal contents of The Inward Way process, so participants can learn to engage this intriguing and purposeful process for themselves. Each program will unveil various ways of going beyond ego consciousness in order to reach and abide one's limitless ineffable authentic identity.

From this, each will able to further enhance their spiritual relationship found only inward.  

Weekly productions of the program will appear live at 9 AM, Pacific Time, every Wednesday throughout the year, lasting approximately 30 minutes. 

If this time is inconvenient for you, all you need to do is tune into The Inward Way--Live! program by clicking the link below, and you'll be able to listen anytime that is more convenient. 

The programs will be archived for your listening pleasure. My purpose is to serve you when you're willing to engage the program for yourself. 

Just think: ABSOLUTELY FREE, and over time, you’ll have a whole collection of nearly 30 audio books, just as I read them to you. What an enlightening way to stretch your spiritual awareness, at home or away!

The Inward Way Live Podcast

My current intention is to program one book offering a month, which, at approximately 2-2 1/2 hours, seems like just the right length for a new audio book.  Each month we'll focus on a new unique offering, just to keep things fresh in our approach to the central thread of The Inward Way that runs through all the books in one form or another.


You may find it helpful to engage books that will inform the program content ahead of time, or as a follow through to imbed this spiritual process in your everyday state of Being. 


Books are readily available on the Books That Inspire page of this site.

As the program evolves, appropriate changes will ensue, based on your feedback. Your input all along the way will be important to me. You can do that by chatting with me below or by emailing me on the Contact page. I look forward to your constructive feedback. 

By all means, share this website and the programs with friends and other interested persons. I look forward to Being together with you each week!

The Inward Way Live Podcast

Enjoy an original THE INWARD WAY podcast 

EVERY Wednesday beginning at 9 AM, Pacific.

Simply click below, download the Spreaker app, and you will have access to all episodes. 

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